“I believe that repositioning existing drugs for new diseases represents the most cost and time effective means to systematically deliver new treatments to patients in need. However, the business case for any single stakeholder remains challenging. CureAccelerator provides the essential coordination function, and ensures the unified focus to translate new drug-disease hypotheses, through clinical testing to patient care.” Craig Webb, Chief Scientific Officer at NuMedii, Inc.

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CureAccelerator’s community is composed of like-minded people who are dedicated to creating effective treatments through repurposing.

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Do you think an existing drug, device or nutriceutical could be used in a new way to address an unmet need? The CureAccelerator community wants to know about it, including the CureAccelerator funding community.

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Respond to current Requests for Proposals (RFPs), or receive funding pledges on your proposals. Through discussion boards and member connections, you can receive and provide feedback on the Proposals and RFPs of others.

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Locate peers around the world, at major institutions or in isolated labs, who are as passionate about repurposing as you are.

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CureAccelerator is the world’s first online, interactive platform dedicated to repurposing research – a repurposing hub for people, knowledge and resources to connect in service to patients. Welcome!

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