“The Kahlert Foundation is proud to support Cures Within Reach because their research can create immediate impact through repurposing. This year we are helping to fund the CureAccelerator project to develop more awareness and funded projects between researchers and funders."” Greg Kahlert, The Kahlert Foundation

Do more good more quickly by tapping into a global community committed to repurposing

CureAccelerator’s community is composed of like-minded people who are dedicated to creating effective treatments through repurposing.

Benefit from scientific review

All projects on CureAccelerator are subject to independent scientific review to support your decision-making or supplement your existing process.

Work together with others

Collaborate with like-minded funders to create greater leverage and support for the patient populations you care about the most.

Make a difference with your dollars

Post a Request for Proposal (RFP) with your specific requests, and access a community of researchers and clinicians committed to repurposing. Or browse existing projects to find a match for yourself or your organization.

Join a global community

CureAccelerator is the world’s first online, interactive platform dedicated to repurposing research – a repurposing hub for people, knowledge and resources to connect in service to patients. Welcome!

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